The planting at the Triangle in Edgartown is particularly nice this season.
This past week we've enjoyed a couple of serious rains.
We've had several chilly nights recently. It's great for sleeping with an extra blanket.
In the late winter I seeded several packages of perennial flowers.
While enjoying all weather here on the Vineyard, I continue to follow the tract of Hurricane Ian towards Florida's west coast.
The light has changed and it’s just right for sleeping.
I, for one, am really looking forward to a seasonal change.
I was all set to whine about the paltry amount of rain we got on Tuesday.
How about that thunder and lightning last Friday night?
Working in Edgartown on Monday, we came away happily drenched.
Last Thursday's tiny amount of rain made us all in garden world so happy.
For years I worked in the restaurant world. We did not have air conditioning in most places.