The moon appears well after midnight tonight. The moon is last quarter and low in the southeastern sky. The moon is in the zodiacal constellation...
The full moon, the Snow Moon, takes charge of the night sky on Sunday night.
The time is right to look at the best constellations of winter. The constellation Orion, the hunter, hangs in the southern sky.
The bright planet Venus is now high in the southwestern sky after sunset and can be spotted by just about anyone with some kind of view of the night...
The red planet Mars, missing for much of the last months of 2019, is now easily visible, far enough away from the brilliant sun.
Tonight’s full moon, the Ice Moon, appears in the zodiacal constellation Gemini.
One of the bright stars in our winter sky has faded plenty in the last couple of weeks. Betelgeuse, the single bright red star in the constellation...
Tonight offers us a treat. The bright planet Venus hangs in the western sky.
A thin crescent moon appears early Monday morning an hour before sunrise, low in the southeastern sky.
The brightest planet in the western skies, Venus is moving away from the planet Saturn.
The brilliant planet Venus resides prominently in the western sky just after sunset.
A thin crescent moon appears fairly low in the southwestern sky tonight.