This is a wonderful time of year to be looking up at the stars.
On Sunday night take a look towards the western sky about a half hour after sunset.
The Earth’s two closest neighboring planets, Mars and Venus, will look so close together in the nights ahead.
Late Monday night the gibbous moon appears right under the bright planet Saturn, low in the southeastern sky.
Tides will get extreme in the coming week.
Tomorrow night’s western sky will host two planets and a thin crescent moon. All three are fairly close to each and close enough to make a show.
If you wanted an easier way to find the Big Dipper, Friday is your night.
Tides will continue to be extreme through the coming weekend.
Low in the southwestern sky tonight and for the week ahead, the planets Mercury and Venus appear close together. Every night ahead, they get closer....
The early evening show continues to get better in the coming week.
This is a great week to look for the most visual challenging planet in our skies.
Mars is visible high in the southwestern sky after sunset. The red planet is the brightest object above the trees.