Tonight’s bright full moon appears so close to the red planet Mars. The two, rising in the east after sunset, are in the zodiacal constellation...
The moon can be your best friend when it comes to finding the planets in the night sky.
On Saturday night, a thin crescent moon appears close to the horizon after sunset.
The last quarter moon rises late Friday, well after midnight.
The brilliant red sapphire planet Mars steals the show for the month of July and for the rest of the summer.
Full moon, the summer moon, is Thursday night. It is one of the smallest full moons of the year.
Sunsets in the last few nights have been several notches more dramatic, more spectacular than we’ve seen in a while.
A thin crescent moon appears close to the western horizon on Thursday night, just after sunset. The moon is under the bright planet Venus. The two...
Great news for all those backyard astronomers who love to look at distant planets.
The brightest planet in the eastern sky, Jupiter appears close to the gibbous moon on Monday night.
There is no mistaking Venus now high in the western sky after sunset.
A thin crescent moon appears close to the planet Venus Thursday evening.