Those rising early Friday morning will discover the crescent moon low in the south-southeastern sky.
Take a moment this weekend to look towards the western sky just after sunset.
Two of the sun’s closest planets Venus and Mercury appear low in our western sky in the week ahead.
If the skies are clear you have a pretty good chance of seeing the thin crescent moon above the bright planet Venus.
Friday morning a thin crescent moon appears in the southeastern sky before sunrise.
There is only one planet in our early evening sky.
Tides will be again extreme next week as the full moon, a Blue Moon, will be close.
Mira is a facinating variable star. For most of the year, it is too faint to see.
We are now into the best of winter stargazing. The moon is in the New Moon phase on Wednesday, which gives us the best of late night and early...
The two visible planets, Mars and Jupiter, are remarkably close together in the morning sky.
You’ll probably notice that tides are running higher and lower than normal in the days and nights ahead.
Our first quarter moon appears high in the evening sky on Christmas night.