Spring is a week away and one of the change in season signs is “spring tide.”
If you are out around midnight, look overhead at the stars and you’ll find all the spring constellations in view
The gibbous moon appears next to the bright planet Jupiter on Sunday night.
The crescent moon appears in our western sky tonight, just above the two planets Mars and Venus.
Two of the Earth’s closest neighbors, Mars and Venus, will come together for Valentine’s Day in the nights ahead.
A gibbous moon will light the night sky in the week ahead. On Friday, the moon appears low in the eastern sky after 8 p.m.
Two of the Earth’s nearest planetary neighbors, Venus and Mars, appear in the western sky. Brilliant Venus is the easiest planet to spot right after...
The brilliant planet Venus appears in our western sky soon after sunset tonight. The crescent moon is not far away. Venus will appear in our western...
The faint Comet Lovejoy continues to appear high in our eastern sky in the evening. It is a beautiful object amid a starry background. Every night...