Don’t let anyone say you missed the Perseid Meteor Shower.
Friday night, if the skies are clear, you’ve got a lot to see in the west, an hour after sunset.
This is the best time of year to take up astronomy as a hobby. Sit outside at night in an old beach chair and look up.
Sun sets in the west over the Menemsha buoy.
The brilliant planet Venus is making a comeback.
Friday night’s gibbous moon appears low in the southeastern sky after sunset. You’ll see it above the bright planet Saturn
A thin crescent moon appears Friday night near the bright planet Jupiter. The two are high in the western sky after sunset.
To stargazers, the Fourth of July evening will be a wonderful night. The evening opens with a fireworks display that can be watched in a lot more...
Late Monday night, near midnight, the last quarter moon rises in the east.
Saturday night, the moon appears near the ringed-planet Saturn. The two appear as a pair in the constellation Scorpius, one of the most southern...