Looking for more evidence that spring is here? Look at the stars and planets.
Saturday night's full moon, the Daffodil Moon, appears in the zodiacal constellation Virgo. It rises early in the evening, just as the sun sets.
Last winter a number of us had a chance to observe the faint Comet Lovejoy as it moved through the evening sky.
A thin crescent moon will draw plenty of attention on Sunday night, when it appears right next to the bright planet Venus in our western sky.
Spring is a week away and one of the change in season signs is “spring tide.”
If you are out around midnight, look overhead at the stars and you’ll find all the spring constellations in view
The gibbous moon appears next to the bright planet Jupiter on Sunday night.
The crescent moon appears in our western sky tonight, just above the two planets Mars and Venus.
Two of the Earth’s closest neighbors, Mars and Venus, will come together for Valentine’s Day in the nights ahead.