A Sunday matiné e musical puppet show for all ages at Che’s Lounge will feature musical monkeys who love to dance and play, with their friends Bella and Arakataka’s Little Band. Are You Looking for Bananas? is the name of this happy play about a musical land where musician monkeys live and enjoy life.

The play and its songs are written by Bella and they are performed live in both English and Portuguese by Bella and Carol Loud, a music teacher for children.

The magical song Life is Good (or, in Portuguese, A Vida é Bela) is the key to getting to this musical place, where a party is going on and Arakataka’s Little Band is performing.

Eating bananas has become a traditional ending to this play which includes the audience and the performers.

The half-hour play happens Sunday, August 10, at 5 p.m. at Che’s Lounge, 38 Main street in Vineyard Haven.

Bring your own banana; cost is $5 at the door. For details, call 508-693-8555.