There are two things fishermen like to complain about: the lack of fish and the weather. There has certainly been plenty of complaining going on inside and outside the derby weigh station at the foot of Main street in Edgartown. The fish are out there but they are not available to all anglers. That is familiar, but add to that the prevailing easterly breezes of the last week, plus the significance of rain storms and this morning a thunderstorm, and it amounts to something bordering on conspiracy.

Taylor (Ted) Collins, 39, of Vineyard Haven, came in this morning with a bluefish he had caught from a kayak. The fish weighed 8.88 pounds. He said he went fishing out of Vineyard Haven.

This is his sixth year competing in the derby and the last few weeks have been really tough.

“The weather has not been good. Some say that wind is good for fishing, but most say it is not,” Mr. Collins said.

Mr. Collins has a great technique. He jigs for squid and when he catches them, he keeps them in a floating laundry basket. Last night he caught seven squid and decided that was enough to go fishing in a kayak.

He said he takes boating safety seriously when he goes fishing in his kayak. “There have been only three nights in the past two weeks when the weather was okay. Last night was good. There was little wind.”

Last night there was a new leader, despite the complaining. Scott D. Tompkins is the new derby grand leader for the shore striped bass division. Mr. Tompkins weighed in a 40.12 pound striper at 9:30 p.m.