Editor’s Note: The following eulogy was delivered by the Rev. Alden Besse at the Agricultural Hall on Tuesday afternoon:

We have gathered to remember David Willey. A man with a great zest for life, one who knew deeply how to celebrate life in many ways.

We do not fully understand why the tragic accident took him from us so soon. It is largely a mystery why some live so long while others depart so soon.

Each of us who were touched by his life needs to handle his or her grief in the best way we can. It can help as we remember with thanksgiving all that was positive and good in his life among us. No one can take these good memories away. It can help us as we share our sorrows and support each other in a shared grief.

It can help as together we seek to look forward in hope to the day when we shall fully understand and be together again with Dave and many others in a love which has no end. Allelulia!