On Tuesday, Oct. 21, the Vinyard Haven Library Evening Lecture Series will present Bundle Up for the Cold: How to Winterize Your House at 7 p.m. Energy consultant Chris Fried will discuss energy-saving improvements for your home or business. Many improvements cost little and are easy to implement, yet save a lot.

Mr. Fried is a mechanical engineer with an energy-efficient solar home in Tisbury. (He built his first solar home in 1976.) He performs energy audits, and reviews drawings and specifications, with an eye to making buildings energy efficient. He designs and installs solar heating systems. As chair of the Tisbury Energy Committee, he also is trying to reduce energy consumption in town buildings.

The following night, on Wednesday, Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. Peter Cabana presents the first lecture in the series Energy Reality, this one on coal.

Coal supplies the second-largest share of world energy, after oil. Projected increases in coal use are driven mainly by growing electricity demand in developing countries. Remaining coal resources are far larger than for oil and natural gas; at current consumption rates, the U.S. has economically recoverable coal for at least 100 years.

The first 10 patrons to walk into the lecture will receive one of the eco-friendly bags purchased by the Friends of the Vineyard Haven Library.