The 90 walkers apparently raised $20,000 - plus last Sunday, Oct. 19 when they and at least five dogs (four of them had money pledges riding on them) made the annual crop walk. Tony Peak, in kilts with his bagpipes, led the round-trip march from Vineyard Haven and back, and Tristan Israel was the grand marshal on this walk to raise money so Church World Service/Crop may feed and provide for the hungry on-Island and in 80 other countries.

The 30-mile-per-hour headwinds walking to Oak Bluffs from Vineyard Haven did not deter the walkers, including three from one church, all in their 85th year, one of whom was among the 42 who completed the full round-trip.

The treasurer, Ann Dietrich, reported that the preliminary total of money raised in gifts and pledges was $16,651. This does not include other contributors yet to come or the 13 cents per dollar gifts of two generous Islanders on each person’s contribution, which chairman Alden Besse calculates will reach their goal of $20,000.

Jaxon White

Great thanks go to the walkers, those who sponsored them, those who did clerical work and those who contributed refreshments.

All gifts and pledges are due at St. Augustine’s Church on Sunday, Nov. 2 between 2 and 2:30 p.m. Those with questions may call Alden at 508-693-3930.

Rev. Alden Besse

Vineyard Haven