The Presidential election has been a huge issue in the sophomore class and students have followed every step of the way. This week many of our writers are reflecting on what happens now that we have a new president.

There is an overwhelming sense of hope and excitement among the students expressed best on our class bulletin board entitled Yes We Can! We are facing the future feeling part of this new world and a sense that we have seen real history made mixed with a little fear for our new president.

— Elaine Weintraub, advisor

Now America Belongs To All Of Us


As we know, Barack Obama has been elected President of the United States of America. This is incredibly significant. Forty years ago people were marching for equal rights. No one would look twice at an African American and think “President.” Barack Obama has changed the face of America. Since the United States began, we have been led by white males. Barack Obama has changed this.

After the election, I heard people say that they are now proud to be an American. One man has made certain citizens feel a part of their country for the first time ever. What is it about Obama that connects him to the people more than anyone else? Is it his youth? Or the fact that you can see his background in his face?

For me it is these factors that contribute to how I feel about him, as well as the way he seems to inspire while he speaks. I have great faith that Barack Obama will lead this country to the change that needs to occur.

Keep Him Safe


While people around the world are celebrating the victory of an African American man becoming President of the United States, others are worrying about an assassination attempt. The risk of a president getting assassinated is always high. Security measures to protect Barack Obama, however, will most likely reach an all-time high. A thick screen of bullet-proof glass separated Obama from the crowd while he was giving his acceptance speech. The secret service is reported to have already investigated more than 500 death threats against Mr. Obama. In May, 2007 Barack Obama received full secret service protection, much earlier than most candidates.



I always rooted for Obama throughout the whole campaign. I never liked McCain and thought he had no great memorable speeches except for the last one he made after he lost. I think Sarah Palin was a bad choice from the very beginning. She’s the governor of Alaska and that seemed like a good thing for a Vice President, but she ended up being a bad choice. Barack Obama chose Joe Biden to be his Vice President and that was a good move for Obama because Biden had been in the government for many years and has much more experience.

I think that Obama took a great risk on this campaign. It shows how far Obama will go for this country. I can’t wait to see what he will do for this country and how he will change it.

Change Will Happen


On Nov. 4 we helped create history. Now that Barack Obama has been elected, I am interested to discover how well he will resolve the country’s problems, including global warming, economic issues, the war in Iraq and the one in Afghanistan, student loans and health care. I believe this is going to be one of the toughest times to be President. But I think that Barack Obama will help our country and make us all truly love our country again. He already has affected the votes of young Americans. He made many young Americans interested in politics again. These people are important to the future of the United States. Obama will help us make good changes happen in America. He will make Americans more willing to voice their opinions. He has showed us that change will and can happen.

Obama And the War


Obama is very concerned with the war and with bringing our troops home. He wishes that this war had never happened. He told the press that he knows we are spending way too much money on the war. His plan is to bring home the troops within the next 16 months. The remaining troops will only do limited missions such as protecting our diplomats and carrying out targeted strikes on Al Qaeda. He is quoted as saying: “There is no doubt that I will end this war.”

America First?


This economic crisis is the worst since the Great Depression. America has fought and won many wars to become the country that it is today. We have overcome racism and discrimination.  We are equal. Millions of people have died and worked their fingers to the bone hoping that America will always be a country by the people, for the people, of the people. Is America’s hardworking past in jeopardy? Will we face another Great Depression? We think that countries around us like China and Russia are growing stronger while we are growing weaker, but this isn’t true. Pakistan sent out an SOS letter to old friend, the United States, asking for a $100 billion-dollar bailout. In my English class we discussed this. We agreed on the fact that the United States just had to bail itself out of a financial crisis — can we afford to help Pakistan out? If it puts our nation in jeopardy should we even consider it? I think no. I think America right now needs to recharge its batteries. We are losing power. America is a bull’s-eye for terrorists and if we try to help Pakistan we will make ourselves even more prone to attack. America cannot afford to be the helper. Right now we need to help ourselves.

Music to Cheer Us Up


I recently heard a really good sound track. The name of it is Alvin and the Chipmunks. It has really cool songs on it. My favorites are Witch Doctor, Christmas Don’t be Late and Bad Day. This is the sweetest sound track I ever heard. My favorite singing chipmunk is Theodore. I strongly recommend this sound track because it can cheer people up.