We may not have had any snow on Christmas Day, but the weekend before we sure did. The automobile traffic in town was nearly non-existent most of the day as families gathered around their tree to exchange gifts and enjoy a family dinner. Relatives and friends came by to visit in the late afternoon. The church was well attended at the two services held on Christmas Eve.

Jane Konicki, of Webster, reports that her husband Ed planned to remove the tree and took down all of the decorations in and outside of their home, and packed them in boxes before dark on Christmas day. They were the first couple to put up a tree on Thanksgiving and it stands to reason they should be the first to take it down. On the other hand, Judy Hall out in Oklahoma City reports that she will wait until January 6th to have her husband Malcolm remove the decorations and tree. She had purchased some nifty lighted holiday figures to add to the outdoor display and is mighty pleased to show them to the neighborhood.

Ken and Alba Eber of Thumb Point Road report that they spent last weekend in New York city visiting their daughters, Marisa and Erika. Marisa was celebrating her engagement to Jason Bibens of Vermont. They had a wonderful time and returned to attend the Solstice Party.

Fred and Jeanne Barron of Campbell Road spent a quiet Christmas holiday at their home. Their daughter Julia Katz, of Los Angeles, Calif., along with her dog Tallie arrived on Monday for the holiday. Fred cooked his special omelet for everyone on Christmas Day.

Sig Van Raan and his wife Susan Dickler of Music street hosted many family members for the Christmas holiday.

Sal Laterra of Providence, R.I., arrived last Wednesday to spend the weekend before traveling down to Baltimore, Maryland, to visit his children. He departed the next morning with Anna Alley, who was on her way up to pick up our son, Sam, at Framingham State College. Anna and Sam returned on Saturday.

The new Slice of Life restaurant building in North Tisbury was constructed and closed in (excepting the sidewall shingles) before the snow storm. Ron Gamba is building a new structure to replace the old one behind Alley’s Store, and Will Monast continues to work on the Frank Adams place. Its primary purpose will be a fruit stand next summer. Jim Hudson reports that the town hall restoration work is about two weeks ahead of schedule, and that wraps up the construction work in this part of town.

Amy Houghton of the Martha’s Vineyard Museum supplied the following true story: A Soldier’s Christmas in the Union Army, 1863. Charles Macreading Vincent, better known as Charlie Mac, served nearly three years in the Civil War as a young man, documenting much of his time through letters to his family at home on the Vineyard. It’s not surprising that he kept these records, as the position he held prior to entering the service was an apprenticeship at the Gazette. The Martha’s Vineyard Museum holds a large collection of Charlie Mac’s letters, including one written from Folly Island, South Carolina; it was his first Christmas away from home. After a fulfilling meal of roast beef, turnips, potatoes, tomatoes, and all the fixings, the soldiers were allowed to go off duty and spend the day competing in sack, wheelbarrow, and foot races (with prizes awarded by the officers). Charlie, however, explained that he did not take an active part in any of the games, except the dinner, and “. . . I think I carried out my part of this performance as well as any of them.”

Happy birthday to Glenn Jackson and Rachel Baumrin today, Claudia Lee, Mike Ovios, Mary Gross and Mark Bernard tomorrow, Gary Blodgett, Katherine Devane and Maitland Edey on Sunday, Simon Hickman, Phyllis McMorrow, and Mary Van Nes on Monday, Beth Kramer, Linda Cohen and Don Sibley on Tuesday, Jenifer Strachan and Elizabeth Rothwell on Wednesday, Barbara Flynn, Jennifer Kelley and Ashley Hunter on Thursday.

Well, that is all of the social news for this week’s edition, the last of the year. It is time once again to make New Year’s resolutions. If you have any news of holiday guests please call or e-mail me. Wednesday night, near midnight, many people will be singing along with the famous recording of Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadian Orchestra playing Auld Lang Syne to ring out the old and bring in the New Year. In the meantime, I want to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a very happy and healthy new year!