On Jan. 20 Barack Obama became President. It was the first time since the election of President John Kennedy that the young people really got into the election. Last week the Edgartown sixth grade came to our global studies class. We all talked about Barack Obama and about what we hoped would happen during the next four years. It was so cool to talk to the sixth graders. I love that a younger generation are getting into politics and are excited to see where Barack leads us. It was so exciting watching the inauguration in school. So many people are excited about Barack Obama. I think he is the change we need.

— Kristen Parece, Editor

Hopes and Dreams

By Alicia Oliveira>

Last week we shared our knowledge about Obama and his presidency with the sixth graders of Edgartown. During this class we created a representation of what we need to do to improve this world. Ours was a poster of many patriotic colors representing many cultures. After we put the paper together we made one huge peace sign to represent world peace. Everyone in our group agreed that this was important. We then created pop-out springs with ideal words that we need to enforce in America. Words like unity, health, equality, love and pride were used. I was amazed by the creativity of everyone. We traced hands to symbolize togetherness. I wish Obama was able to see what we created. I feel his speeches relate to everything that we wrote. We learned that everyone in America has similar hopes and dreams. Our hopes and dreams are Obama’s goals.

Kids Understanding Obama

By Samantha Billings>

It was really exciting to get to talk to the sixth graders and help them realize the great things that Obama could do for our country. We talked about our economy, health and of course the war and bringing our troops home. We made posters that represented our thoughts and ideas; the posters now hang in the hallway. I know the sophomores had a lot of fun and I hope the sixth graders got to learn a lot.

Learning With Sixth Graders

By Jessica Kelleher>

To my surprise, the sixth graders knew close to what we did about what our country needs from a new president. When I was in sixth grade, the re-election of Bush was happening and I knew that, but not much else. I was very impressed when they talked about our economy, the war and global warming. The sixth graders put up some fabulous artwork on our bulletin board about our hopes for Obama’s term. It was really great to work with them.

High School Tour

By Diane Reed>

On Jan. 19, the Edgartown sixth grade class came for a visit. Some of us took some of the students for a tour around the high school. At first they seemed really excited, but when they left the comfort of the classroom some became shy and timid. I think that they had fun, though they seemed a little lost when they were out in the hallways, which of course is normal. Overall, I think they liked the tour and are excited to come to the high school in two years, especially students with brothers and sisters in the school. I hope when they come they will enjoy their experiences here.

Unforgettable Day

By Mary Louise Howell>

Jan. 20, 2009 is a day I will remember for the rest of my life. It was a day that was both moving and full of hope for our nation. I thought Barack Obama’s inauguration speech was honest and sincere. It didn’t live up to the hype and expectations of everyone, but we don’t live in a utopian world. Obama can’t sweep in and make everything perfect. The whole country was expecting an amazing and inspiring speech, and something that would mark the change of America, but that was unrealistic. He was proposing what was actually possible, and I thought he talked on all the right points. Besides, actions speak louder than words, and we can only hope that change will finally come.

Do We Expect Too Much?

By T.J. Van Gerven>

The inauguration of President Barack Obama was a great thing for our country, and he has renewed all our hopes. I just think that after all the excitement and expectations of the last week we have to remember that our problems will not change overnight. Barack Obama is a special person, but he is not superman even though sometimes it seems like he is. We have to realize that there is a huge amount of pressure on Barack Obama and it’s going to take months, if not years, to see true progress. I hope that Barack is able to live up to the expectations, and that together we are able to get out of this economic crisis.

Watching History

By Chris Costello>

Watching the inauguration at school was a great experience. I’ve never seen anything like that before and, to be honest, I have never really followed a presidential election before. Although I didn’t get to watch the whole thing because of sports, I enjoyed it. I was extremely surprised at how many people were there to cheer on our new president, Barack Obama.

Easy Listening

By Tova Katzman>

On Jan. 20 Barack Obama became the 44th president of the United States. I found the inauguration quite fascinating. I think some might have been a bit disappointed in Obama’s speech, considering the serious tone that it had. It was not upbeat, but uplifting and although not celebratory, I found it very motivating. Obama let us know that he will not be able to make change all on his own, which everyone seemed to think would magically happen. In order for our country to rise up from its problematic state, its citizens will need to rise up as well and get to work. I find it very easy to listen to our new president and I hope he will be able to inspire America the same way he inspires me. It will be exciting to watch the Obama family take over the White House and lead this country to change.