Carly Simon and Dan Aykroyd share a song. — Peter Simon

A strong Vineyard contingent turned out to help warm the new House of Blues in Boston last Saturday night. It was an old-home night of sorts, with singer-songwriter Carly Simon making an unscheduled appearance to dance and belt out a number on stage with Dan Akyroyd. Judy Belushi Pisano, a Vineyard Haven resident and widow of John, one of the original Blues Brothers, was a key mover in getting the Vineyard crowd to Boston — and on its feet. But truth to tell, few Islanders need much of an excuse to get off the rock in February.

From Left: Louis Larsen, Beth Larsen, Bob Mone, Alan Bilzerian and Gayle Mone. — Peter Simon

rob et al
Rob Scherer, Laurel Reddington and Ray Whittiker. — Peter Simon

Judy and Jim
Judy Belushi Pisano and Jim Belushi. — Peter Simon

Jim Belushi
Jim Belushi gets down. — Peter Simon