The Island Alpaca Company participated in the 2009 Symposium and Fleece Event in Syracuse, New York in early February, with the submission of two of alpaca fleece blankets. Made from the super-soft prime fleece that is shorn from the backs of two different alpacas, Estrada and Angelina; these blankets were each awarded blue ribbons. In competition, fleece is judged for fineness and handle, brightness, crimp and density, lack of modulation and, finally, cleanliness. This is the third blue ribbon Estrada has taken home for his fleece alone.

Island Alpaca Farm was also awarded ribbons for their fiber-arts entries, including a blue ribbon for a hand-spun, alpaca yarn skein by Philippe Morin, a blue ribbon for a pair of Island Alpaca yarn-felted mittens by Anna Marie D’addarie, and a blue ribbon for a baby sweater set made with Island Alpaca Pietro yarn, hand-knit by Karen Malizia.