Today is the day, but I have been seeing sure signs of spring before this. They are: convertibles with tops down last weekend, Brazilians with flip flops on at stores, people playing tennis outside in tennis dresses, and a fly on my fruit drink on my back porch. The only thing missing, and I just might not have been home to catch it, is seeing Pam Benjamin rollerblading around West Chop. Then I know it’s spring.

Sorry to have missed you last week, I was felled by that month long thing we have all been suffering from. I couldn’t even sit up to write. I’m much better now and I hope you are, too.

Jim Hart writes from Florida that he is president of his local chapter of the Eastern Airlines Retirees Association. I have told you before that Jim writes a column for his condo news down there,;apparently he also writes a column for the E.A.R. Assosciation newsletter. When does he sleep? Jim sent me an interesting example of his work. If any of you would like to read it just give me a call. We expect to see Jim and Trude on Island in mid-May. The neighborhood can’t wait.

Peter and Ronni Simon are still in the midst of repairs at their Main street gallery. They expect to re-open mid-April. I can’t wait to see Ronni’s new work ­— in addition to her beautiful jewelry, Ronni has added her own line of beaded evening bags and hand-knit scarves. When they can re-open, Ronni is going to make crocheting and knitting lessons available as well. Peter is offering a recession-fighting break on family portraits. Keep in touch.

Anna Duarte wanted me to thank all of you who have contacted her, expressing sympathy and prayers for her sister, Louise Robinson, who died two weeks ago. She will be greatly missed.

Our library continues with active, hands-on programs. Story hour next Tuesday at 11 a.m. will be replaced by artist Merrily Fenner singing and playing music for the kids aged three and up. Amy Ryan, our new library director, wants me to remind you that discount passes are available at the circulation desk for a limited time. The Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Children’s Museum have passes available until April 30. The New England Aquarium offers discount passes until June 30. Take advantage!

My favorite filmmakers, Len and Georgia Morris, are offering a free showing at the library at 2 p.m. on Sunday, March 22. The documentary is called Rescuing Emmanuel and it tracks a young boy from Nairobi, Kenya. Don’t miss it.

I missed St. Patrick’s day at Dunne’s Pub in my Old Country, but my Irish neighbors on Island made me feel welcome and put on a corned beef and cabbage dinner like we do in the Old Sod. Thank you for the great dinner and great company! I’m sure we weren’t the only ones on Island eating traditional Irish fare.

Condolences go out to Bruce, Dolly and Victoria Campbell on the death of their beloved Hazelnut last week. Hazelnut was a stellar companion, a loyal dog, a friend to all. Victoria wrote a beautiful poem about Hazel, who is in their hearts forever.

Belated birthday greetings go out to Yvette Canha who celebrated her 75th on Feb. 25. Yvette is always active, always bopping around town; wish her many happy returns.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along J.D. Wild, Deb Chickering, Dianne Norton, Seth Edwin Donald, and Chuck Redington today. March 21 honors Barbara Dacey, Julie Robinson, Maureen Whiting and Michelle Yates. March 22 belongs to Annette Anthony, Elizabeth Bennett and Gabriel Nascimento. March 26 is for Louise Tierney and Allison Crews. March 24 is a party for Ellie and Gretta Hehre, Corbyn Garza Clark and Babette Benoit. March 25 is claimed by Michael Mortimer and Allison Hunter. And on March 26, Jay Leno, Liz Owens, Shirley Robinson, Anne Bennett, Jo-Ann Murphy and Ari Raynayn Siegler take the cake. Many happy returns.