The Vineyard’s four popular freshwater ponds were stocked with more than 1,100 trout on Wednesday. Officials from the state Division of Fisheries and Wildlife came over with a special truck filled with bubbling water, loaded with rainbow, brown and tiger trout.

Steven Hurley, fisheries manager for the state, said the fish were delivered to Duarte’s Pond, Old Mill Pond and Uncle Seth’s Pond in West Tisbury, and Upper Lagoon Pond which is shared by the towns of Tisbury and Oak Bluffs.

The fish were raised at the Sandwich State Fish Hatchery. Duarte’s Pond in West Tisbury received 200 brook trout, measuring more than 12 inches in length, plus five 14-inch-plus tiger trout. Old Mill Pond received 200 twelve-inch brook trout, 100 14-inch rainbow trout and five tiger trout. Seth’s Pond got 200 rainbow trout at 14 inches and five tiger trout. Upper Lagoon Pond received 212 plus brown trout, over a pound apiece, 200 14-inch rainbows and 10 tiger trout.

Mr. Hurley said there are two more trips to the Vineyard scheduled in April.