Prices for regular unleaded gas as of Apr. 22:


Airport Mobil $2.699

Depot Corner $2.699

Edgartown Mobil $2.759

Oak Bluffs

deBettencourt’s $2.719

Jim’s $2.679

Vineyard Haven

Citgo $2.679

Tisbury Shell $2.699

West Tisbury

Up-Island Automotive $2.609


Menemsha Texaco $2.599

Massachusetts state average

(source: AAA) $2.029

Grocery Basket

On Apr. 22 we shopped for dairy items:

Hood/Garelick whole milk (half-gallon)

Kraft cheese singles (1 lb.)

Egg Beaters (15 oz.)

Hood/Garelick half and half (32 oz.)

Philadelphia cream cheese (8 oz tub)

Velveeta (12 oz.)

Dannon Fruit on the Bottom yogurt (6 oz.)

Land O Lakes butter (1 lb.)

Athenos feta cheese (1 lb.)

Breakstone sour cream (16 oz.)

Columbo yogurt (32 oz.)

Hood low fat cottage cheese (16 oz.)

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spread (15 oz.)

The total cost* before tax for each order was:

$35.96 at Reliable,

$47.80 at Stop & Shop,

$43.33 at Cronig’s without Our Island Club card, or

$39.00 at Cronig’s with the card.

* Stop & Shop had Dannon yogurt on sale with their free frequent shopper card; sales run from Friday to Thursday. Cronig’s gives a 10 per cent discount to Our Island Club cardholders, which charges an annual fee. Reliable had Columbo yogurt and Hood cottage cheese on sale; sales run Friday through the following Saturday

These prices represent a snapshot in time only; on any date prices may vary.