Gas prices are on the move, and a recent article in the Boston Globe attributes the rise to the approach of Memorial Day and optimism about the economy. Wouldn’t we be more optimistic if gas prices stayed low? The local AAA chapter reports a 22-cent increase in a month’s time as the state average. On the Vineyard we’ve seen an average increase of 18 cents from April to May. This may be the first time the growth in our average cost of anything was lower than the rest of the state.

Price per gallon for regular unleaded gas as of May 11:


Airport Mobil $2.869 Depot Corner $2.899

Edgartown Mobil $2.959

Oak Bluffs

deBettencourt’s $2.789

Jim’s $2.999

Vineyard Haven

Citgo $2.899

Tisbury Shell $2.899

West Tisbury

Up-Island Automotive $2.759


Menemsha Texaco $2.599

Massachusetts state average (source: AAA) $2.204

Grocery Basket

With the approach of warmer weather our thoughts turn to ice cream and all the toppings. On May 12 we shopped for:

Hood New England Creamery ice cream — preferably Martha’s Vineyard Black Raspberry (1.5 qt.)

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (1 pt.)

Breyer’s ice cream (1.5 qt.)

Brigham’s ice cream (1 qt.)

Dove bars (4) or miniatures (14)

Marshmallow fluff (7.5 oz.)

Hershey’s syrup (16 oz.)

Smucker’s toppings (12.25 oz.)


Maraschino cherries (10 oz.)

Diamond walnuts (8 oz.)

The total cost* before tax for each order was:

$37.75 at Reliable,

$35.62 at Stop & Shop,

$40.72 at Cronig’s without Our Island Club card, or

$36.65 at Cronig’s with the card.

*Stop & Shop had Ben & Jerry’s and Hood on sale with their free frequent shopper card; sales run from Friday to Thursday. Cronig’s gives a 10 per cent discount to Our Island Club cardholders, which charges an annual fee.

These prices represent a snapshot in time only; on any date prices may vary.