Sunrise Sunset

Fri., May 15 5:22 7:54

Sat., May 16 5:21 7:55

Sun., May 17 5:20 7:56

Mon., May 18 5:19 7:56

Tues., May 19 5:18 7:57

Wed., May 20 5:17 7:58

Thurs., May 21 5:16 7:59

Fri., May 22 5:16 8:00

The ringed planet Saturn hangs high in the evening sky. On one of the clearest evenings the Vineyard has had this month, we had no trouble finding the planet right under the zodiacal constellation Leo. The planet is not as bright as we’ve seen in past years.

Saturn’s rings are almost edgewise to the earth. Through a telescope the elongated rings are pretty although faint.

Saturn compares with the bright star Regulus in Leo to its west and Arcturus, the bright orange star in Bootes to the east.

If you are searching for Saturn for the first time, a star chart is useful. On the chart Saturn is the odd one, in the southern sky right below Leo.

Jupiter’s Moon

Sunday’s last quarter moon appears next to the bright planet Jupiter. The two rise in the eastern sky after 1 a.m. and are in the zodiacal constellation Capricornus.