Guests swarmed to Mediterranean restaurant early Saturday afternoon to honor Empowered Woman of the Year Cindy Doyle and to observe the passing of the torch from former Women Empowered executive director Kaye Flathers to successor Sheila Bracy.

“We were thrilled with the turnout,” said Ms. Bracy. She attributes the success of the brunch to the volunteers who dedicated their time to organizing the event.

Staff and board members from Women Empowered greeted guests as they arrived. Tables throughout the crowded dining room were decorated with hand-painted beach stones featuring a white Women Empowered logo against a pink background. A brunch buffet was followed by a casual ceremony to honor Ms. Bracy and Mrs. Flathers.

“Cindy gave a wonderful speech when she accepted our award,” said Ms. Bracy.

Mrs. Doyle thanked the hundreds of volunteers whose contribution is essential to keeping the many charitable Island institutions afloat. She was then presented with a porcelain pitcher handmade by local artist Lisa Strachan.

Kaye Flathers is the founder of Women Empowered, a nonprofit support organization that provides free support and advice to men and women struggling through everyday stresses and frustrations. She was honored Saturday with a lifetime achievement award for her contribution to the organization.

“Kaye has worked so well with hundreds and hundreds of people over the last eight years ... It was kind of a one-woman show for I would say five years. She totally donated her time,” said Ms. Bracy, who will take over Ms. Flathers’ role now that she is retiring.

Mrs. Flathers was presented with a pendant decorated with the Women Empowered logo made by Moonstone Jewelers. Though she is stepping down as executive director, she will remain a board member.

The afternoon included an inspirational speech by member Susan Klein about what women want — a perfect theme for Women Empowered, Ms. Bracy said.