Prices for regular unleaded gas as of June 17:


Airport Mobil $3.299 Depot Corner $3.399

Edgartown Mobil $3.459

Oak Bluffs

deBettencourt’s $3.239

Jim’s $3.379

Vineyard Haven

Citgo $3.239

Tisbury Shell $3.299

West Tisbury

Up-Island Automotive $3.239


Menemsha Texaco $3.179

Massachusetts state average (source: AAA) $2.639

Grocery Basket

We shopped for the same list of groceries that we shopped for on Jan. 27 and April 3 and found that Reliable has increased prices by 2 per cent, Stop & Shop has increased by 3 per cent but Cronig’s has decreased by 5 per cent. It’s too bad gas prices can’t match this pattern.

On June 17 we shopped for:


Red onions

Cluster tomatoes

Grade A large eggs (12)

Red potatoes

Boneless chicken breasts

Cream of Wheat cereal (28 oz.)

Tropicana orange juice (half-gallon)

Trappist jams

Two per cent milk (half-gallon)

Prince thin spaghetti (1 lb.)

Scott 1000 toilet paper (6 rolls)

Green Giant frozen niblets corn and butter sauce (10 oz.)

Boar’s Head deli ham

Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise (30 oz.)

Pringle’s potato chips

Cracker Barrel sharp white cheddar cheese (10 oz.)

The total cost* before tax for each order was:

$54.78 at Reliable,

$58.34 at Stop & Shop,

$57.04 at Cronig’s without Our Island Club card, or

$51.34 at Cronig’s with the card.

*Stop & Shop had tomatoes on sale with their free frequent shopper card; sales run from Friday to Thursday. Cronig’s gives a 10 per cent discount to Our Island Club cardholders, which charges an annual fee. These prices represent a snapshot in time only; on any date prices may vary.