Technothriller writer, essayist, postmodern literary fabulist and Island resident John Sundman will discuss his work and the meaning of literature in the age of the Internet at the Vineyard Haven library at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 15. The talk, entitled Cheap Complex Devices, is free and open to the public.

Mr. Sundman’s novels have a devoted following around the world among computer and biology geeks, weaving nanomachines, neurobiology, Gulf War Syndrome and artificial intelligence into richly-imagined, engrossing storylines. His most recent book, The Pains, is an illustrated, dystopian phantasmagoria that re-imagines the story of Job in a universe that combines Orwell’s 1984 with Reagan’s 1984. “Sundman clearly ‘gets it’,” said one reviewer, “but more importantly, he gets it right.”

Mr. Sundman’s many essays for include How I Destroyed the New Economy, in which he posits the idea that in helping to build an Internet billionaire’s mansion on sacred ground at Squibnocket Point in Chilmark, he committed an act of desecration that caused Moshup to destroy the “dot com” bubble.

For details on the talk, call the library at 508-696-4211.