Sunrise Sunset

Fri., Oct. 16 6:54 5:59

Sat., Oct. 17 6:55 5:57

Sun., Oct. 18 6:56 5:56

Mon., Oct. 19 6:57 5:54

Tues., Oct. 20 6:59 5:53

Wed., Oct. 21 7:00 5:51

Thurs., Oct. 22 7:01 5:50

Fri., Oct. 23 7:02 5:48

Saturn and Venus

Two planets appear side by side this weekend. The brilliant planet Venus appears under the ringed planet Saturn. Both planets rise an hour before the sun and appear low in the eastern sky.

Saturn and Venus were closest together on Wednesday morning and were only a few degrees apart. They have separated, Saturn appears higher than Venus and the distance between the two will grow.

Jupiter and Mars

The two evening planets Jupiter and Mars appear a great distance apart. After sunset, Jupiter appears low in the southeastern sky for all to see. Jupiter is the brightest evening planet and it appears in the zodiacal constellation Capricornus. Mars rises after midnight. Mars is low in the eastern sky and lacks the brilliance of Jupiter, sitting in the southern sky. Mars is in the zodiacal constellation Gemini and moving towards Cancer. It ends the month in Cancer.


The thin crescent moon appears low in the southwestern sky after sunset on Tuesday night. The moon is in the constellation Scorpius, one of the southernmost zodiacal constellations. The moon stays in the southern sky through the coming week. It moves into Sagittarius, another southernmost zodiacal constellation.