I am happy to introduce this year’s sophomores who will be speaking out throughout the year. Like most young people, they have strong opinions about a great many issues and here is their chance to share them. One of the first projects that we worked on together as a class was our family and ethnic history and in doing that we found that our ancestors, and in some cases ourselves, came from so many parts of the world including Ireland, England, Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Spain, India. One of our group can trace his ancestry to the Wampanoag Tribe of Martha’s Vineyard. Student interests include soccer, fishing, football and  every student loves music though not necessarily the same music! The class looks forward to sharing their thoughts on their world, and the larger world, with you throughout the year.

— Elaine Cawley Weintraub

Class Advisor

Catching the Big Fish

By Shelby Ferry>

As summer ended and people went home, Islanders got back into their regular routines. A major part of September and October for some Island folks is the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby. I, along with many other people, take part every year. I have lived on the Island my whole life and I find fishing to be a good hobby. The derby is a great way to get out around the Island, to go to spots you have never gone to before and try things you have never done before. I have been in the derby since I was 10 and now I am 15. As I get older, I have less and less time to do this hobby that I love. During the derby this year, it was hard to fit in time to go out and fish. It’s especially hard to win anything because I am now in the division with the adults. No more juniors for me! That means I have to try harder and devote more time whatever things I have to do. This year I wanted very much to catch the Big One!

Should the President Have Won

By Kunal Datta>

When the news broke that President Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize, they started arguing about whether he deserved the award or not. Ana Maria Cox wrote on Twitter: “Apparently Nobel Peace Prizes are being awarded to anyone who is not George Bush.” Many people agreed with that, but I think that he should not have received the award just because he is the president of the United States. Every president should try to make peace and have good relations with other countries, but he is the first president who got an award because he did try to have good world relations with the rest of the world and not just have enemies.

A President for All Americans

By Jesse Chandler>

On the night of Oct. 12, a swastika was found carved onto the green on a Massachusetts golf course next to President Barack Obama’s name. The vandalism was found on the 18th hole on the Lakeville Golf Course and the police were called to investigate the issue. The swastika is an extremely powerful symbol and for centuries it held positive connotations, but as time passed it was used by the Nazis during the 1920s through the end of World War II. Because of that, it is now seen as a symbol of hatred, death and violence. I personally find the vandalism utterly offensive and unjust. President Obama is the first African American president of the United States and since he became president there have been quite a few racist vandalism issues. I believe that having an African American president is an honor not only for the African American culture, but for all Americans. For those who disagree, they have a right to their opinion but we should all remember that the presidents of the United States were white for centuries.

School Rules

By Livia Sampaio>

The Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School has come up with the rule of no cell phones or iPods allowed in school. I really don’t agree with that rule. I think if we are in class doing our work and the teacher doesn’t mind it then why can’t we use our iPods? A lot of kids can concentrate better when listening to music. Sometimes there really isn’t anything to do in class, and I don’t see the problem with listening to your iPod. Also in the halls in between periods, we should be allowed to listen to our iPods because it is not distracting anyone or doing anything bad.

I don’t agree with the no cell phone rule either. They say that they ban them for safety purposes, but I don’t see how using your phone is dangerous. Sometimes you need to call your parents because you forgot something at home, but you are not allowed to. Or you need to hide and call. So please let us use our phones and listen to our music!

Drug Issues on Island

By Madison Hughes>

Recent publicity made me realize how much drugs are an issue to us on the Island. I think that the recent case won’t stop the drug use on the Island or anywhere, but it may start to stop the addictions that people have which would be a start. Drug problems have been devastating to many families, and it seems that they are not being solved. We have to do more about it to try to save more people.

Flying With Cell Phones

By Andrew Randall>

Lufthansa Airlines of Germany has a flight Web and cell phone service being added to some of their jets. I think this is really a good idea because when I go on a plane I’d like to have my computer and definitely my cell phone. These two things would make flying much more enjoyable and maybe even encourage people who have a fear of flying to try it. Maybe if they had a distraction like a computer or a cell phone it would take their mind off their fear. Overall, I think this system is a great thing for all airlines.

Mad About Hockey

By Kyle Francis>

I have been a hockey player since I was four. I enjoy the sport a lot. It’s the only sport I play and probably the only sport I will play for all my time at school. I also love to watch the Bruins. They aren’t doing very well right now. The record is 2-2-0. Though I love the Bruins, they don’t have my favorite player. My favorite is Ovechkin and he plays for The Washington Capitals and he is their leading scorer. In my opinion, hockey is the best sport!

Olympic Opportunity

By Rafael Maciel

When I heard that the 2016 Olympics were going to be in Brazil, I was very excited. This is a great opportunity for a growing nation like Brazil. The Olympics will bring many people to Brazil and give the country some needed money. New stadiums will be built and opportunities for work will be there. It’s a great opportunity for Brazilian athletes and the country of Brazil.