Sunrise Sunset

Fri., Nov. 6 6:19 4:30

Sat., Nov. 7 6:20 4:29

Sun., Nov. 8 6:21 4:28

Mon., Nov. 9 6:23 4:27

Tues., Nov. 10 6:24 4:26

Wed., Nov. 11 6:25 4:25

Thurs., Nov. 12 6:26 4:24

Fri., Nov. 13 6:17 4:23

If you are thinking this has been a wet year, you’re right. With two months left in the year, we’ve already hit our annual average of 45 inches. If there is not another rain cloud overhead, if it doesn’t rain even a little bit between now and the end of the year, the Vineyard has already received enough.

According to rainfall data compiled from the National Weather Service cooperative station in Edgartown, we’ve received 45.68 inches of rain. We are 8.67 inches of rainfall above average already for the first ten months of the year.

October was a wet month. We got more than twice the average of 3.39 inches. The total rainfall for October was 7.77 inches.

September was nowhere near as rainy. September on the Vineyard was only slightly below the monthly average of 3.56 inches.

Plenty of rainfall this summer contributed to making this the memorable wet year. Rain in October contributed to making this the year of puddles.

Gibbous Moon and Mars

At the start of this weekend, the gibbous moon moves through the zodiacal constellation Gemini. On Sunday, the moon appears near the red planet Mars. Both are in the zodiacal constellation Cancer. Mars is that bright red star nearby. Mars is brightening. In the next two months Mars jumps in brightness. The planet reaches opposition on January 29. It is closest to the Earth on January 27.