What if your muse becomes your shrink? Margot Datz didn’t really take her paintings of mermaids seriously until they began to speak to her like a Ouija Board, predicting divorce, life changes and pointing out a woman’s place in the landlocked world.

Last Saturday evening Ms. Datz took her book, A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids, and her story to the House of Blues Foundation Room in Boston. The Foundation Room boasts rich East Indian fabric-covered walls, antiques, folk art and for one night a very glamorous mermaid. This siren of the sea was bedecked with a circular diamond pendant provided by Hearts on Fire, another of the guests on this special evening catering to women.

The author read a few pages from her book, but mostly she spoke extemporaneously to the audience about her muse who, at first, gave her mirth and delight until she looked deeper. Her dive under the surface of the original giggles she had from her mermaids allowed her to see the connections of each painting to a specific phase in her life — some taking as long as 30 years to bubble to the surface.

Quoting from her book, here is a small sampling of the Mer-Margot-Maid’s wisdom: “Never Lose Sight of the Sea. Mermaids must never lose sight of the sea — their instinctive home. Losing sight of our instincts landlocks us into routine and drudgery. It’s like trying to waltz with an anchor . . .” And in another story, “Pirates are the bad boys of the boating world. They party hardy and rabble rouse with the best of them. However, they are thieves at heart, and your heart may be their next heist . . .”

Cloaked in humor and her deceptively charming, humorous paintings Mer-Margot-Maid’s insights are profound and can be life changing if you allow them. Drink of the bubbly briny water to see yourself in the guise of the mermaid, see where the seaweed leads you.

Eniko Delisle, a longtime friend and assistant, introduced Ms. Datz to the assemblage and also deftly handled the sales of A Survival Guide for Landlocked Mermaids. Islanders Nancy and Joel Aronie, Blue Cullen, Gerry Storrow, Linda Comstock, Dr. Thomas Redner and his daughter Jessica were among the crowd at the presentation.

For further information you can view Margot’s Web site at margotdatz.com — and this is the perfect holiday gift for all your women friends.