Sunrise Sunset

Fri., Nov. 27 6:44 4:13

Sat., Nov. 28 6:45 4:13

Sun., Nov. 29 6:46 4:12

Mon., Nov. 30 6:47 4:12

Tues., Dec. 1 6:48 4:12

Wed., Dec. 2 6:49 4:11

Thurs., Dec. 3 6:50 4:11

Fri., Dec. 4 6:51 4:11

The gibbous moon will dominate the sky over the coming weekend. The moon is in the zodiacal constellation Aries over the weekend and slips into the zodiacal constellation Taurus early in the week. The moon is full on Tuesday and has the seasonal name Holly Moon.

Early Sunset

Sunsets are as early as they get, beginning next week. Sunset will be at 4:11 p.m. from Dec. 2 through the 11. Sunrises will continue to get later and later in the morning until early in January. The latest sunrise is 7:08 a.m. and that occurs from Dec. 29 to Jan. 10.

Finding out when the sun rises and sets is easy from year to year. The earth’s orbit, the earth’s daily rotation is a precise clock. From year to year the sunrise tables for each day do not change. A sunrise and sunset table for the Vineyard that is a dozen years old works as well today as when it was published. Occasionally the time keepers of the world do make adjustments in time, but it is only a matter of fractions of a second.


The brightest planet in our sky, Venus, will disappear in the coming month. If you’ve enjoyed Venus bright and early in the morning, the show is almost over. Venus is appearing every morning closer to the rising sun; it becomes an evening planet next year.