It almost seems like one word; inthese difficulteconomictimes. But there’s an upside to this winter of financial discontent, this season of eating cheaply: Island restaurants have created such good deals that after a night of rice and beans, already leftover, you can splurge without a guilty conscience or a fat wallet. Make it social, split the check, and get an even better deal plus the psychic bonus of a good gossip.

First, get yourself a Sharky’s Cantina VIP card (available at the Oak Bluffs or Edgartown locations) to receive last-minute e-mail blasts on bargains sometimes too big to believe (a bit like their burritos, particularly after a bowlful of organic chips).

At Slice of Life, you can take away two cheese pizzas for $12 any day of the week, or feed a family of four for $32 on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

There are two-for-one deals at Edgartown’s Grill on Main on Fridays, or at Offshore Ale on Mondays. Offshore, an Oak Bluffs pub with lots of live music nights, also gives a free Edgartown Cinemas pass to anyone paying for two dinners on Sundays.

Daily from 3 to 6 p.m. the Wharf pub in Edgartown has happy hour with cheap wings; it also has live music, and a throw-down trivia competition on Thursdays.

In Tisbury, Beetlebung makes weekdays friendly with a buy one pizza, get one for 95 cents deal from 4 to 7 p.m.

There are two dollar tapas on Wednesdays at Mediterranean, making it easy to spend a few happy hours there.

David Ryans is doing daily $5 (lunch) and $10 (dinner) specials, take out or dine in at the Edgartown retaurant, where for a change it’s easy to find a parking space.

On Circuit avenue, Seasons mixes it up every day, with $5 burger Tuesdays, pasta specials on Wednesday, bargain sushi Thursdays and seafood Fridays.

One more night of beans and it’s back to the Ocean View for a Wednesday night lobster dinner with change from your $20.

If you’re worn out from holiday cooking, there is hope of a no-cook, no-cleanup, bank-friendly meal, at places all across the Island. Just set aside a little for the tip, because at these prices, that server will probably see you again before too long.