Sunrise Sunset

Fri., March 26 6:35 7:00

Sat., March 27 6:33 7:01

Sun., March 28 6:32 7:02

Mon., March 29 6:30 7:03

Tues., March 30 6:28 7:04

Wed., March 31 6:26 7:05

Thurs., April 1 6:25 7:06

Fri., April 2 6:23 7:07

Tides will be extreme this weekend. Tides will be highest around noon and midnight. Tides will be lowest in the early morning and late afternoon. One can expect to see sandbars that are normally hidden at low tide and at high tide find wracklines settling farther up the beach than normal. Mariners should be prepared, as it will be not the usual tides. If a storm is to coincide, then the chance for tides to be even more extreme may be cause for concern.

The reason for this oddity is astronomical. Two events concide. The moon is especially close, an estimated 224,859 miles away from us on Sunday. And full moon is Monday. When these two events occur at close to the same day, the gravitational pull of both the sun and moon act together. These two celestial objects are pulling from the same part of our sky and that has an impact on our oceans.

The gibbous moon is brilliant tonight and dominates the evening sky. The moon resides in the zodiacal constellation Leo and is three days from full. The moon appears close to the ringed-planet Saturn tomorrow night. Both are in the zodiacal constellation Virgo.

The moon is full on Monday.