Sunrise Sunset

Fri., April 2 6:23 7:07

Sat., April 3 6:21 7:08

Sun., April 4 6:20 7:09

Mon., April 5 6:18 7:10

Tues., April 6 6:16 7:12

Wed., April 7 6:15 7:13

Thurs., April 8 6:13 7:14

Fri., April 9 6:11 7:15

There are a lot of planets visible tonight and through the weekend. Venus appears low in the southwestern sky after sunset. Mercury is underneath it. Mercury is in the zodiacal constellation Pisces, while Venus is in Taurus.

Higher in the west, the bright red planet Mars appears almost overhead a short time after sunset. Mars is in the zodiacal constellation Cancer and while it may be one of the brightest in the sky, its reddish color is what makes the planet easy to spot.

That is three planets in one area of the sky.

The ringed-planet Saturn is rising in the east. Saturn is in the zodiacal constellation Virgo. Saturn outshines all other stars in the neighborhood and has a yellowish-tint; when compared to Mars.

For those looking for a fifth planet, they’ll have to get up early in the morning. The bright planet Jupiter has just begun showing up in the morning sky. Jupiter was in our western sky for most of the winter. Jupiter is in the zodiacal constellation Aquarius and edging closer to the constellation Pisces.


This weekend’s gibbous moon appears low in the southeastern sky, in the constellation Scorpius. It appears in Sagittarius on Tuesday morning.