Sunrise Sunset

Fri., June 18 5:06 8:18

Sat., June 19 5:06 8:19

Sun., June 20 5:07 8:19

Mon., June 21 5:07 8:19

Tues., June 22 5:07 8:19

Wed., June 23 5:07 8:19

Thurs., June 24 5:07 8:19

Fri., June 25 5:08 8:20

Tonight’s crescent moon appears right under the bright planet Saturn. The two are in the zodiacal constellation Virgo.

The ringed-planet Saturn is an impressive sight, even for those who have a small telescope. Galileo saw the rings about 400 years ago in a imperfect telescope not much more powerful than 60 power.

With today’s telescopes, many of them bird scopes, the image is considerably better. Saturn’s rings are tilted nearly on edge. Take some time.

The moon will continue to dominate the evening skies. The gibbous moon moves up alongside the bright red star Antares in Scorpius on Tuesday morning. It is full next weekend.


The brightest planet in the west is Venus. The planet is so bright it looks like an airplane coming in for a landing at the airport.

First Day of Summer

Summer arrives officially at 7:28 a.m. on Monday morning. Sunrise is at 5:07 and sunset is at 8:19 p.m. Light is considerably longer with the help of the Earth’s atmosphere. This week, we noticed that twilight went well past 9 p.m. For the Vineyard, night is but a mere seven hours.