Bargain With the Devil

Harvard University professor Robert Mnookin will discuss his new book, Bargaining with the Devil, in a 7:30 p.m. program on Thursday, July 1, at the Hebrew Center in Vineyard Haven.

Mr. Mnookin heads the negotiation program at Harvard Law School. The New York Times describes his latest book as “a pragmatist’s manifesto,” adding: “His thesis is grounded in the belief that practical outcomes, especially those that can avert war, are usually to be preferred even when bad has been done and fighting might seem both a more emotionally satisfying and a more principled choice.”

From Winston Churchill’s decision to fight the Nazis in 1940 rather than bargain with them, to Nelson Mandela’s decision to negotiate with South Africa’s apartheid government, Mr. Mnookin uses case studies to explore this difficult decision.

Admission is $15. Books will be available for signing after the program.