Ah, to be free from over identifying with a particular technique or modality. Seems impossible really, since we are such a programmable species falling into ruts and routines as naturally as breathing.

But if looking for a way out, how about looking at art designed to free the viewer from any such constraints. The idea is eclecticism and the maker is visiting artist Domingo Pagan, born in Puerto Rico and educated in New York city and Boston.

Mr. Pagan’s work will be on display at the West Tisbury library for the month of November. He will be on site on Nov. 28 at 3 p.m. to discuss his work.

Mr. Pagan began his training in the traditional modes of painting, printmaking, photography, stained glass, sculpture and digital art. Then he broke free and went his own way.

A limited analogy can be found in Byzantine eclecticism and the merging of earlier Greco-Roman heritage with a contemporary idiom in iconographic religious imagery. But those are mere words, and perhaps binding in and of themselves. Far better to face the experience stripped of any preconceptions except your own budding flair for eclecticism.