There were more than enough good fishing days this fall to spread into October. The 18th annual Octoberfish tournament, offered by Larry’s Tackle Shop, saw plenty of fish and fishermen. The biggest fish was a 16.80-pound bluefish caught from the shore by Luc Mercier of Edgartown. He weighed in his fish at the tackle shop on Oct. 25. His fish was caught more than a week after the close of the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby. Had it been caught earlier, it would have put him on top of both contests.

More than 90 fishermen competed in Octoberfish. An awards ceremony will take place tomorrow at noon at the tackle shop.

Steve Purcell, store owner, said this was a much bigger turnout than last year, with 30 more fishermen participating than a year ago.

For the first time, Mr. Purcell offered both a shore and boat division, not unlike the much bigger derby which runs from mid-September to mid-October and includes 2,700 fishermen.

Octoberfish ran from Oct. 1 through Oct. 31.

The winners are as follows: Shore striped bass: 1, Jared Stobie, 29.46; 2, Keith McArt, 27.07; 3, Dana Rezendes, 26.51. Boat striped bass: 1, Casey Elliston, 32.20; 2, Helena Kirschenbaum, 23.06; 3, Art Crago, 14.28.

Shore bluefish: 1, Luc Mercier, 16.80; 2, Jesse Steere 3rd, 12.80; 3, Lenny Beford, 11.75. Boat bluefish: 1, John Smith, 13.75; 2, Julian Pepper, 13.34; 3, Sandy Fisher, 13.10. Shore false albacore: 1, Peter Wliwkowski, 12.46; 2, Kathi Pagoda, 12.04; 3, Keith McArt, 10.21. Boat false albacore: 1, Sandy Fisher, 13.45; 2, Johnny Hoy, 9.43. Boat bonito: 1, Carlin Floyd, 7.74; 2, Eric Johnson, 7.55.

The contest will award $2,800 in entry-fee prizes tomorrow. Those entered will also be eligible for a raffle, where more than $2,000 in merchandise will be given away. Prizes were donated by local merchants and off-Island tackle dealers. Refreshments are being provided by Debbie Manley, Kathi Pagoda and Tony Rezendez.

The contest was started 18 years ago by Ruth Meyer, who owned Larry’s Tackle Shop, when the store was down by Depot Corner gas station. The idea was to offer fishermen a contest that included one of the best months of fishing. She came up with the name.