Results are in from Octoberfish, a fishing contest sponsored by Larry’s Tackle Shop after the annual Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby.

Jeff Komarinetz caught the biggest striped bass from a boat on Oct. 19. The fish weighed 26.85 pounds and was caught from a kayak.

Tony Rezendes Jr., caught the largest shore striped bass on the first day of the month. The fish weighed 25.79 pounds.

There were 78 entrants this year. An awards ceremony will take place tomorrow at 10 a.m. at the tackle shop, located on Upper Main street in Edgartown. In addition to $2,200 in prize money going to the top fishermen, there will be a raffle with over $2,500 in merchandise for all entrants.

Tackle shop owner Steve Purcell said weather was a factor this year in keeping anglers away from the shore and off their boats. “It was breezy,” he said.

The complete list of winners follows: Shore striped bass: 1, Tony Rezendes Jr., 25.79; 2, Ron Domurat, 18.17; 3, Shawn Emin, 17.13. Boat striped bass: 1, Jeff Komarinez, 26.85.

Shore bluefish: 1, Ron Domurat, 12.55; 2, Bob Jacobs, 12.44; 3, Mike Alwardt, 12.21. Boat bluefish: 1, Ed Gentle 3rd, 12.80; 2, Derek Avakian, 12.20; 3, Johnny Hoy, 12.05.

Shore false albacore: 1, Kathi Pagoda, 11.40; 2, Jeremy Mercier, 9.80; 3, Keith McArt, 9.66. Boat false albacore: 1, Patrick Hesters, 12.08; 2, Patrick Jenkinson, 10.41; 3, Neal Farrell, 9.25.

Boat bonito: 1, Patrick Jenkinson, 9.59; 2, Nils Leaf, 9.10; 3, Eric Johnson, 7.73.

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