Sunrise Sunset

Fri., Nov. 26 6:43 4:14

Sat., Nov. 27 6:44 4:13

Sun., Nov. 28 6:45 4:13

Mon., Nov. 29 6:46 4:12

Tues., Nov. 30 6:47 4:12

Wed., Dec. 1 6:48 4:12

Thurs., Dec. 2 6:49 4:11

Fri., Dec. 3 6:50 4:11

The late-night moon moves through the constellations of spring this coming week. In the wee hours of Sunday morning, the moon appears in the zodiacal constellation Leo. The moon rises in the east near midnight. The moon is near the bright star Regulus.

On Wednesday morning the moon appears near the bright planet Saturn low in the southeastern sky. For early risers, the two greet the morning.

The bright planet Venus hugs close to the eastern horizon as dawn arrives.

The month of December offers a treat for those who can brave being out of doors late at night on the first day of winter. There will be a lunar eclipse in the early hours of Tuesday, Dec. 21. The best time to watch is well after midnight. Total eclipse is before 3 a.m. and lasts about an hour.

The color of the darkened moon, affected by atmosphere, will be especially interesting this time due to the volcanic activity in the South Pacific. It will be interesting to observe if there is any deepening of the color of the moon during the eclipse. When the moon is in the shadow of the earth, it is lit by a ring of sunrises and sunsets around the earth.