This is my swan song, truly and finally. (By the way, the term “swan song” originates from my second grade Singing Celebration to Singing in which Rickie Swan was asked never to sing again — so much of today’s lexicon has its roots in that little school). Margaret Knight will be posting her witticisms and observations henceforth. I am contemplating becoming the public caning correspondent for the arts and leisure section of the Singapore More Free Press. But that would involve packing luggage and sad, uncomfortable nights spent slouched on plastic molded airport chairs. So maybe I’ll hold out for a better offer. I hear the Chernoble Times is looking for a science editor. The possibilities are endless.

This morning was so crisp as to be breakable — no movement on the water, the trees or the sky.

The roadwork project continues on the Chappy Road between the ferry and Litchfield Road. I figure now would be a good time for the squirrels to gather all their nuts and hide them beneath the pavement. Though they may find retrieval difficult. Maybe not such good advice.

My guess is that the NStar work should finish in late December — of 2011. Not that the guys aren’t working around the clock practically, but people always forget to include the times four in their work calculations when planning the duration of the project on Chappy. The wind, the cold, the obstacles to exposition, surely exist elsewhere as well, but Chappy seems to know what it’s doing when it comes to slowing the pace.

It’s nice to have Keith back on the ferry full-time. It’s hard not to smile around him. All the captains smile (at times), but Keith’s seems to hint at some hidden mischief or knowledge of unicorns. And thanks to all the captains for braving weather and such. And doing it all on schedule. If I were a captain, they’d need to repaint the stern (which end is which?) on the On Time III to the I’ll Be Right There.

I hope the harbor freezes over again this year so I can go ice fishing.

Woefully, or thankfully, there is little else to report over here on our little island. I did see a cloud that resembled Bill Clinton in profile (the cloud’s profile). But that’s probably of little interest to anybody other than me and Howard Dean.

Happiest of holiday wishes to all. If other columnists wish you the same, remember mine were the happiest.

Good luck, Margaret. I’ll let you borrow my AP wire machine.

And speaking of Margaret, here is her news from the CCC:

Next Friday night, the Community Center will hold its annual Christmas Eve dinner starting at 6 p.m. Everyone on Chappy, including friends and relatives, is invited for a veritable feast provided by various Chappaquiddicker chefs. This is always a mouth-watering meal beginning with Edo Potter’s clam chowder, moving on to Bob O’Rourke’s turkey, Mary Spencer’s ham and Jack McElhinney’s lamb. (We’ll find something for vegetarians!) There will also be mashed potatoes, salad, and fixings prepared by other excellent Chappaquiddickers. Anyone is welcome to bring an appetizer or dessert. Dress up or come as you are. The fire will be blazing and the hall decorated.