Frequent travelers off-Island will have more offsite parking options this off-season as the Steamship Authority voted on Tuesday to approve a $225 parking permit option that would run from January to May.

Currently the only options for those who take advantage of off-season Steamship parking is a seasonal $425 Palmer avenue permit valid from Sept. 15 to May 14, or the annual permit which runs $850 at the Woods Hole lot or $600 for the Palmer avenue lot. The annual permits are valid from May 15 until May 14 of the following year.

“This time of year people don’t want to pay the full off-season rate with only four months left,” said boat line director Wayne Lamson. “We run into this almost every year where we get customers who want to buy a permit but don’t want to have to wait until May to buy the annual permit.”

Also on Tuesday the board voted to approve a more expensive transportation agreement with the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School District.

The district currently pays a fixed price of $55,000 per year to cover its travel expenses, a discount this year of 50 per cent off its actual $108,747 bill.

With proposed passenger fare increases effective Jan. 3 the board voted to increase the district’s share to $60,000, still in keeping with its 50 per cent discount.

Finally, the Steamship Authority is putting work out to bid for upgrades to the humble ferry Governor which is due for new engines, new gears and new propellers.

Estimates for the two new diesel engines and reverse reduction gears come to $950,000. The new gears and engines may eventually be used in the ferry Sankaty in a few years if the authority is unable to find a buyer for the Governor and is forced to scrap the vessel.

The Governor also requires two new propellers and the Authority voted to award a contract to Sound Propeller Services Inc. of Seattle to furnish the devices for a price of $91,192. Bids will open on Jan. 6 for shipyard services associated with the gear and engine installation which Mr. Lamson estimated at $500,000.