The Martha’s Vineyard Horse Council recognized riders at its annual awards banquet, held Sunday, Dec. 5 at the Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown.

In the hunter division, the Walk/Trot champion was Isabelle Littlefield, and reserve champion Isabella Thorpe.

The Walk/Trot/Canter champion was Ciara Seccombe.

The hunter champion in Short Stirrup Equitation was Mia Arenburg, and the reserve champion was Maddy Alley.

The Short Stirrup Hunter champion was Chubby Checkers, and reserve champion Farnleigh Highly Likely, ridden by Isabelle Crawford.

The Green champion was Blustier, ridden by Ava Stearns, and reserve champion Mega Harley, ridden by Melissa Manter.

The Special champion in the hunter division was One Fine Day, ridden by Genny Kent, and reserve champion Tonka Toy, ridden by Sydney Jasny.

In Pleasure Pony the champion was Sydney Jasny on Tonka Toy and reserve champion was Katelyn Weber on Back in a Flash.

Novice champion was Signe Baumhofer.

Maiden champion was Schuyler Small and reserve champion was Isabelle Crawford.

In the dressage division, the junior champion was Katelyn Weber on MV Knickerbocker and junior reserve champion was Isabelle Crawford on The Reisen Why.

The senior champion in the dressage division was Mary Ann Brock and senior reserve champion was Anna Cotton.

Dressage champion in Training 1 and 2 was Stephanie Dreyer on Sweet Poco Caballero and reserve champion was Joan Mancuso on Lady G.

In Training 3 and 4 the junior champion was Caitlyn Francis on MV Knickerbocker and junior reserve champion was Katelyn Weber on Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

The dressage first level junior champion was Clara Maynard on Tom Thumb and she was also reserve champion on Diamond Delight.

In the third level and above test of choice, Ginny Lobdell was champion on Pernod.

In High Point, Stephanie Dreyer was champion on Sweet Poco Caballero.

The Fisher Memorial Award was presented to Tracy Amaral Olsen and Keith Olsen’s Wanabee Farm.

The Leadership Award was presented to Tara J. Whiting.

The Marjorie Manter Award was presented to Stephanie W. Dreyer.

Signe Baumhofer was given the Junior Horsemanship Award.