Travel to Flower Show

The groundhog checked out the scene and by not seeing his shadow declared spring is on the way. Perhaps there’s some measure of truth in this seemingly arbitrary tradition. A few days later, rain came and washed away all the snow and ice. Perhaps flowers will be in bloom soon.

Realistically, though, it’s going to be awhile before we can welcome back the crocuses. But for those looking for a definite chance to see spring in all its glory, the Tisbury Travel Club is headed to Boston on March 17 for the annual flower show.

The idea behind the travel club is marvelously simple. Travel with a group that organizes all the annoying details like bus and ferry schedules and tickets to the event. Essentially, it’s a no-hassle way to get off-Island. The cost is $40.

The travel club is organized through the Tisbury Council on Aging. Call Sandy at 508-696-4205 to reserve a seat.