Herbal healing, the art of healing naturally and without expensive drugs, is the subject of a new series of classes by Vineyard herbalist Holly Bellebuono.

Ms. Bellebuono is the proprietor of Vineyard Herbs and the soon-to-be author of upcoming book Everyday Herbal from Shambhala Publishers in Boston, due out in spring of 2012.

But that’s a whole year to wait in order to study up on which herbs to take for which ailment. And besides, a book, no matter how good, can’t compare to the live version.

The classes will meet weekly at 7 p.m. beginning Wednesday, Feb. 23 and running through April 13. They will take place at Island-Cohousng in West Tisbury.

Each class will explore a variety of health issues including digestion, menopause, liver and skin, teas, energy, natural pregnancy, herbs for children and coming of age for girls. Each week will focus on a different topic so participants can decide early on which subjects pertain to their issues. The cost per class is $20 to $25.

For more information on the classes and Vineyard Herbs visit Vineyardherbs.com.