Love, Set, Match for Cambodia

In 2004, while traveling through Cambodia, Todd Alexander and his wife, Kara Gelinas, were taken with a charming 14 year-old girl selling postcards to tourists. The girl did not attend school, although she wished she could. Her family couldn’t afford it.

What began as a chance encounter led Mr. Alexander and Ms. Gelinas to create a nonprofit called Family to Family Cambodia to help children of Cambodia attend school and, ultimately, to actually build three schools in Cambodia.

Tonight from 5 to 8 p.m. the Vineyard Tennis Center, Workout and Spa is hosting a fund-raising tennis round robin for Family to Family Cambodia. Mr. Alexander will be traveling to Cambodia on Monday, March 21 to set up computer labs in the three schools. He is still accepting donations of used PC laptops.

The donation to play in the tennis tournament is $25. For those unable to play, a donation of any amount is appreciated.

For more details about the organization and how to donate, visit

To sign up to play tennis, call 508-696-8000.