Sunrise Sunset

Fri., April 15 5:02 6:21

Sat., April 16 5:00 6:22

Sun., April 17 4:59 6:24

Mon., April 18 4:57 6:25

Tues., April 19 4:56 6:26

Wed., April 20 4:54 6:27

Thurs., April 21 4:53 6:28

Fri., April 22 4:51 6:29

Moon and Saturn. Two of the brightest nighttime celestial objects will rise together in the eastern sky tonight. Saturn and the moon are in the east and closest on Sunday night when it is full. On the Vineyard, we call that full moon the Daffodil Moon, to coincide with the seasonal arrival of the Vineyard’s favorite spring flower.

The ringed-planet Saturn is just a few days past opposition, brighter than it has been in a while, and a resident of Virgo, a constellation in the zodiac. Seeing the two together rise over the Atlantic Ocean will be a treat for anyone walking South Beach, as the two will appear above the water.

Big Dipper

The Big Dipper, the most favorite constellation among young and old, is high overhead tonight. It is spring and the constellation takes up its familiar residence high above. The Big Dipper looks like a group of stars arranged to display a dipper.

Follow the handle of the dipper to the east and you’ll come to a bright orange star called Arcturus. Arcturus is one of the brightest stars of spring. The star resides in the constellation Bootes, the shepherd.

Arcturus is one of the largest stars in the sky. The star is so big that if it were our sun, our planet would be burnt, if not sucked into its huge size. Arcturus is an old star, far older than our own sun. Astronomers estimate that the star is 37 light years away.