Currently, the Martha’s Vineyard Museum is featuring an exhibit entitled We Are Marching Along: Martha’s Vineyard and the Civil War. Next Tuesday, June 5 at 5:30 p.m., in conjunction with this exhibit the museum is hosting a lecture featuring Pulitzer Prize winning author William McFeely. He will be discussing the connection between the Civil War boat River Queen to Martha’s Vineyard.

If unaware that the Island did play a part in the War between the States this is a perfect opportunity to lift up the rock of history and examine what lies beneath.

Mr. McFeely’s prize-winning biography on Ulysses S. Grant was written in 1982. He has also written a biography of Frederick Douglass and is the author of Sapelo’s People, A Long Walk into Freedom, a book about the community of slave descendants who live on Sapelo Island off the Georgia coast. He taught for sixteen years at Mount Holyoke College before joining the University of Georgia in 1986. He is presently a visiting scholar and aassociate member of Harvard’s Afro-American Studies Department and an associate of their Humanities Center.

The title of his talk at the museum is Lincoln, Grant and the Vineyard Ferry.

The museum is located at 59 School street in Edgartown. Admission is $8 for museum members and $12 for nonmembers.

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