Welcome robot overlords. The Island’s own Tim Laursen, known on Friday night as Robot Drummer, took the stage at Nectar’s in a giant pink owl’s head with bright, lit-up yellow eyes, and four metal, retractable arms all connected to various instruments.

The smoke combined with the stage lights created a surreal atmosphere, though it was less take-me-to-your-leader and more I-come-in-peace.

Mr. Laursen also played guitar, with his own hands, while wearing his creation and manipulating his additional limbs. It was his first time doing both but if he hadn’t mentioned it, no one would have known.

Some just stood and stared as if they had been sucked into the robot’s tractor beam. Others danced and yelled. A group of girls synchronized their moves. Was it some sort of hipster flash mob?

No one was immune from Robot Drummer’s charms. The pictures on the walls of performers past, from Lou Reed to Bonnie Raitt, went unnoticed and unheralded. Beers in hand, the crowd gave themselves over to Robot Drummer. Like a true showman, he kept them wanting more.