Sunrise Sunset

Fri., July 22 5:25 8:09

Sat., July 23 5:26 8:08

Sun., July 24 5:27 8:07

Mon., July 25 5:28 8:06

Tues., July 26 5:29 8:05

Wed., July 27 5:30 8:05

Thurs., July 28 5:31 8:04

Fri., July 29 5:32 8:02

Early tomorrow morning, the last quarter moon appears near the bright planet Jupiter. You’ll see them rising in the east after midnight tonight. The two are together in the zodiacal constellation Aries. We usually associate Aries with the constellations of autumn. Autumn stars all start showing up in our evening sky for those up after midnight. The moon moves through those stars next week.

The crescent moon appears near the red planet Mars on Wednesday in the early morning sky. Mars is in the zodiacal constellation Taurus.

Summer Triangle

There are three stars that form a large triangle in the evening sky that say “summer.” The summer triangle is made up of three brilliant stars, in three different constellations. At ten o’clock tonight look up towards the zenith and you’ll see Vega, the brightest star in the night sky.

Look southeast a short distance away and there is another bright star, Altair.

Look to the east of Vega and there is the bright star Deneb.

Vega is the principal star in one of the smallest constellations, Lyra. Altair is the principal star in a larger constellation called Aquila, the bird. Deneb is the principal star in the Northern Cross, also called Cygnus, the swan.